Greentropism’s solutions are particularly adapted to the numerous needs faced in the agri-food industry. Measuring components, their nutritional value, checking their origins or variety, contamination identifications are critical for processes which often operates continuously and don’t suffer from imperfections. Our applications bring a real value to industrials. We’re happy to support them.

Identification of nutritional value

In fruits and vegetables, we measure nutritional values ​​with our predictive models: sugars, proteins. Our models are also suitable for the control of the varieties.

Identification of melamine in milk

With miniaturized sensors, we are able to identify traces of melamine in powdered milk. We use PLS quantification models, adapted preprocessing. We obtain an RMSE of 3% in weight.

Meat defrosting process control

Using a miniature sensor communicating with a smartphone by Bluetooth, we measure food temperature while defrosting: the solution is adapted to the control of the cold chain.