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GreenTropism has something to tell you

This spring, GreenTropism
launches its unique software dedicated to spectral database construction.

GreenTropim presents GT-DataManager, its new collaborative software for standardization and construction of spectral database. This unique software allows you to centralize your experiments plans and standardize your data, regardless of the spectroscopic data (UV-VIS, NIR, MIR, Raman, NMR…) and to easily associate the reference values or other metadata of interest.

GT-DataManager helps you optimize your R&D projects in industry by standardizing the methods between different sites, and in academic R&D during collaborative projects for example. GT-DataManager becomes your independent and universal database tool regardless of the equipment or supplier mobilized, and guarantees you structured access to your data to get the most information for later use (machine learning, chemometrics,…).

With GT-DataManager, you control your data from the spectrometer’s output to its use, via a spectral viewing system and the query portal of your base. GT-DataManager can be deployed on your own infrastructure or in the cloud via secure access.

Save time when implementing a measurement at the heart of your process with our versatile tool!

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