This European project as part of FED4SAE (H2020), aims at supporting European industries digitalization, a goal close to our beliefs. Remaining coherent with our solutions and expertise in machine learning and chemometrics, we wish to develop solutions in accordance with field and/or industry reality, an applicative approach promoted by FED4SAE. This project is also an opportunity to widen our activity, concentrated on “spot” spectroscopy to this day toward hyper and multispectral imaging.

This project goal is to develop a solution able to assess in real time the baking level of cookies on a production line. To do so, GreenTropism’s various skills are called upon: data science, product integration, communication and laboratory engineering. 

The CSEM, specialized in multispectral imaging will supply a compact multispectral camera. GreenTropism’s implication is tangible very soon in the project as we defined the most relevant spectral bands, took the first measures and used and translated the data. The first steps of the project went very well and allow us to keep moving forward serenely. 

With this solution, industrials will be able to be sure of a perfect baking of their cookies, this way, they can minimize their raw material waste, make sure of a bigger homogeneity between production sites but also save time and energy. We enter industry 4.0!

We wish to thank FED4SAE for choosing us for this collaborative project, but also for their sponsorship that allows us to undertake the expansion of our skills toward hyper and multi spectral imaging.

Other members of the project: BluMorpho, Intel, CSEM, CEA.