GreenTropism guides you through the whole deployment process of your “Spectroscopy Intelligence” projects, leveraging our embedded software solutions and the know-how of our engineering team.
The project’s methodology developed by GreenTropism is based on Agile techniques allowing you to validate each step leading to the industrial deployment of your project.

The GreenTropism team of experts can support you from the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase, which is designed to precisely define the critical factors required to achieve a successful deployment.
Thanks to this Proof of Concept phase, our clients can certify that their assumptions are adapted to their industrial project. This step is also useful to identify and anticipate potential risks. At that stage, a complementary Business Impact Analysis can be conducted to establish the benefits and economical results to be achieved.
During the second phase – The Industrial Pilot – it becomes possible to produce industrial prototypes, taking into account some technical specifications of the production, and to work on the testing of the final product in a nearly industrial environment.
GreenTropism works closely with its clients during the deployment phase of the products and systems, bringing all the necessary resources to ensure efficient support and maintenance.