Adulteration and falsification control

You want to make sure that your materials or components are not falsifications or do not incorporate elements of lesser quality or performance than what you expect. Relying on a learning database, our software allows you to have information in real time, available on your smartphone or computer.

Essential oil adulteration

For cosmetic applications, we have developed models to measure adulteration in essential oil. We can distinguish lemon eucalyptus oil from citronella oil, for example. This process guarantees the quality of the materials used. Tell us about the measure of adulteration you want to control.

Marseille soap adulteration

Made of olive oil, Marseille soap is often threatened by counterfeited products or by lower quality oils. GreenTropism’s technology make it possible to detect and quantify the oils in soap to make sure of its quality.

Textile identification

Models conceived by GreenTropism allow a reliable and instant textile identification with miniaturized spectrometers. This solution can be used for several application in textile recycling or counterfeit detection.