Industrial processes

GreenTropism measures your materials and flows in real time and alerts you on process drifts. Our predictive models know how to combine spectroscopic information and other influencing parameters: we offer an even more accurate and informative synthesis.

Material sorting

GreenTropism solutions are used to establish classification predictive models. These models are useful for sorting operations. Our models also apply to the analysis of hyperspectral images. Our on-board solutions allow sorting wherever you want.

Material control

Material controls have many facets: we know how to control material compliance as well as verify its origin or even measure its nutritional value, recognize and classify it. The possibilities offered by spectrometry and GreenTropism solutions are endless.

Process control

Our software allows you to control your flows in real time. By defining prediction models, you will have better control of your processes.

Contamination detection

The algorithms used at GreenTropism make it possible to detect contamination in real time. This can be done in real time or at the phase of a final control. To make sure that no contaminant disturbs your process, consult us for a needed analysis.

Adulteration and falsification control

You want to make sure that your materials or components are not falsifications or do not incorporate elements of lesser quality or performance than what you expect. Relying on a learning database, our software allows you to have information in real time, available on your smartphone or computer.