GreenTropism’s solutions are particularly adapted to the needs faced in the agri-food industry. Measuring components, their nutritional value, checking their origins or variety, contamination identifications are critical for processes which often operates continuously and don’t suffer from imperfections. The added value allows a quick return on investment.


We are pleased to develop applications that contribute to the mastery of our environment. Plastic sorting, pollution measurement. Our embedded applications give our customers great flexibility to measure quickly and easily, wherever they go.


Our technologies are well adapted to the challenges of MedTech and Pharmacy. We are able to conceive predictive models using modern and efficient spectrometry technologies. We provide our clients with solutions allowing them to process complex data.


Applications with petrochemicals requires a constant control due to the sensitiveness of the materials. GreenTropism provides a range of solutions for process and quality control in order to ensure the proper functionning of the sites.

Industrial processes

GreenTropism measures your materials and flows in real time and alerts you on process drifts. Our predictive models know how to combine spectroscopic information and other influencing parameters: we offer an even more accurate and informative synthesis.


Spectral analysis is a technology well suited to recognize materials and defects on material. Our predictive models allow us to control the types of textiles and the origins of materials. We also process spectra from Hyperspectral cameras.


The cosmetic industry implements innovative formulations that must be precisely controlled. Spectrometry is suitable for control and checking for non-adulteration. GreenTropism solutions are used to establish new predictive models.