GreenTropism conceives embedded solutions for industrial and mainstream spectroscopy and software components for spectral data analysis based on big data exclusive algorithms, machine learning tools and genetic algorithm. Our softwares adapt to multiple brands and materials. We have acquired a strong experience to recommend the best material solutions according to your needs. We also provide a hardware solution adapted to the industrial environment or portative.

Our solutions are relying on several main components: GT-DataManager, dedicated to building and managing spectral databases, KAÏSSA to build predictive models and GT-Lib along with a SmartApp to exploit models.


GT-DataManager is a software that standardizes laboratory practice. It makes it possible to develop experimental plans, to build a nomenclature for samples and spectrometers. It is used from the beginning of the analysis chain to prepare samples and data treatments. Thus, GT-DataManager builds experimental plans linking a sample set to its data (spectral and metadata).


KAÏSSA is an artificial intelligence tool dedicated to creating chemometrics and spectral analysis models. It chooses and combines the best spectrums pretreatments algorithms and selects different modelization strategies in order to provide accurate and solid predictive models within a few minutes.


GT-Lib is a tool that makes it possible to easily use the predictive models built by KAÏSSA. It can be embedded in smartphones or computers, and it comes with a user-friendly graphical interface.