Around its Artificial Intelligence, GreenTropism develops solutions for markets such as bioproduction, cosmetics, environment or pharmacy. Our tools monitor your materials and flows in real time and warn you against process drifts. Our predictive models are able to mix spectroscopic information with other influential parameters: we offer an even more accurate and informative synthesis.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a real revolution with the rise of biotherapies. Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence platform and our expertise in tools and optimizations, the solutions developed by GreenTropism allow to improve bioreactor processes, and to control and optimize their production.


The cosmetics industry implements innovative formulations that must be controlled with precision. Spectrometry is adapted to control and verify non-adulteration. GreenTropism solutions allow to establish new predictive models.


We are proud to develop applications that contribute to the control of our environment. Plastic sorting, pollution measurement. Our embedded applications give our customers great flexibility to measure quickly and simply, wherever they go.


We build predictive models using the most innovative and efficient spectroscopy technologies tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. We provide our customers with solutions to process and understand complex data.