Anthony Boulanger, CTO and founder of GreenTropism, will speak this afternoon at the virtual event organized by EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM around the solutions brought by the photonics industry in combination with smart software, to enable an efficient and sustainable food industry.

What is Photonics ? 

Photonics is the branch of physics studying the production, manipulation and transmission of photons, i.e. light particles. 
Thus, it is both the science and technology of light, it covers all industrial applications related to the visible or invisible light spectrum, from infrared to X-ray. 
Lasers, optical fibers, sensors, lighting… photonics is everywhere.
Thanks to their mastery of photons, photonics professionals are capable of producing, manipulating and transmitting light in many ways.
They imagine and develop innovative solutions in all areas of our daily lives, whether for communication, travel, health, housing, food, defense or environmental protection … 

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