☕️ What do cocoa, adulterated cocoa (80% pure cocoa, 20% brown sugar), chocolate, coffee and chicory, five apparently rather similar brown powders, look like in Spectroscopy? 🔬🌈

All substances produce photons at a wavelength characteristic of the movement of the chemical bond and the atoms that compose it. The set of these bonds and their movement allow to identify a spectral pattern similar to fingerprints. In this way, spectral analysis allows detection, qualification and quantification of samples of all kinds, in an ultra-fast and non-destructive way.
The contribution of Artificial Intelligence? To be able to process these spectral data and interpret them (automatically if necessary), in order to determine whether an analyzed sample belongs to a class rather than another, or to quantify a molecule of interest.

If visually the five powders look rather similar, fig.1 shows that it is possible to distinguish and classify them thanks to spectroscopy since the spectral patterns are different for each of these elements.

The AI developed by GreenTropism also allows to control the quality of the elements with tools analyzing the effect of aging by quantifying how long the product has been exposed to the ambient environment (fig. 2).