On October 13 and 14, we were selected to participate in HTID, HealthTech Innovation Days, initiated by FranceBiotech and organized by HealthTech for Care. The 4th edition of the event brought together 850 participants: innovative healthcare companies, pharmaceutical groups, foreign investors and international experts, to offer companies a platform to accelerate growth and innovation.

A great opportunity to present our solutions, share our vision, and connect through pitches, panels and 1-to-1 sessions.

The most outstanding conference we had the chance to attend? Impact of the application of mRNA in innovative drugs using adapted manufacturing parameters”, in tribute to François Gros (1925-2022), a French biologist.

François Gros was one of the pioneers of cellular biochemistry. He joined the Pasteur Institute in 1946 as a volunteer and co-discovered messenger RNA – the molecular intermediary of the genetic code DNA – with François Jacob. He devoted his career as a researcher and teacher to the study of genes and to deciphering their role in the regulation of cellular functions.

His work paved the way for the use, nearly 60 years later, of messenger RNA in the major vaccines used against Covid-19.