In the manner of Mr. Jourdain who was writing prose without knowing it for more than fourty years, we are all doing spectroscopy inconsciously. GreenTropism uses sensos and Artifical Intelligence algorithms, we use our eyes everyday to capture photons and our brain to decrypt, interpret and name what our sensors have captured. Indeed, spectroscopy is the discipline that uses light to analyze the subject. It is about studying interaction between the material with several wavelenghts in order to determine its composition for example.

In 1666, Newton discovers that light carries every elementary color. He was the first to understand that white light was composed of different light rays and that each of them is deflected in a different way. This rays of light spreading from red to purple thus forms a spectrum.

William Herschel discovers in 1800 the infrared radiation. In an experiment using prisms and thermomeers, he discovers an invisible radiation to the human eye, a « heat radiation ». Below the color red and visible colors, the light spectrum still spreads.

It will take until 1962 and the progress of Karl Norris for near infrared spectroscopy, which is using this radiation, to be used on several applied perspectives, startinf with water concentration in cereals samples. It is now used as a references in multiple industries such as the food industry or pharmacy, petrochemistry for the recognition with classification or a composition analysis according to its spectral print without destroying the sample.

Since 2014, by combining Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Machine Learning tools, Greentropism allows the deployment of non-destructive control solutions for industrials. Machine Learning, which is automatic and continuous learning, has evolved considerably since its first applicatoin in 1959 by Arthur Samuel et makes it possible today to consider new perspectives applied to spectroscopy. The main innovations of GreenTropism are part of the association of these two disciplines, with the most significants allow the development of embedded models and algorithms in mobile solutions, by using miniaturized spectrometers.

« From my experience in Greentropism, I see that we are sollicited in some recurring topics, including the deployment of miniaturized solutions for industrials and the implementation of artificial intelligence tools for equipment manufacturers.

If we take a look at our miniaturized solutions for instance, they have several challenges regardind equipement standardisation, algorithms implementation depending on the expected response time or the communication with reporting systems. A port of my job consists in defining modelling strategies to make performances on a miniaturized device similar to those on a laboratory spectrometer (more precise definition, more sensitive to wider spectral ranges).

Our mission is to make easy and intuitive the use of spectrometry for industrial applications by automating the steps of models building, their updates and by supporting the users with their technological choices and database building. »

(Sanaa El Messaoudi, Data Scientist)

GreenTropism thus provides a wide range of tools and embedded softwares to democratize spectroscopy in industrial processes. By offering solutions making it easier to control transformation processes and quality control, this technolgy allows a complete optimizaion on the production line and an harmonization on quality control methods throughout the production line.

« Our algorithms embedded in new tech spectrometers make it possible to let the light speak at all times and to support our customers and partners in their efforts to innovate and their Industry 4.0 politics. By covering spectral ranges from ultraviolet to mid-infrared and by working on topics like Raman, LIBS and multi and hyperspectral imagery, GreenTropism addresses subjects such as process control, composition analysis, contaminant detection. »

(Anthony Boulanger, CEO)

Providing solutions in various industries like the food industry, chemistry, energy, environment, textile or the pharmaceutical industry, GreenTropism brings real-time and non-destructive analysis tools which are easy to use and reliable. GreenTropism keeps developping its technologies, carried by the multiple application cases that its softwares and innovations can address.

« Today we can analyze soils, fabrics, ingredients, but also verify the compliance of raw materials, control fermentation, check the finished products’ quality. These current innovations in the industry will, tomorrow, come into our daily life with smart devices in our kitchens to check freshness of food for example and soon in our phones to give to everyone a control over the quality of our food and other topics that are left to find out ! »

(Anthony Boulanger, CEO)