Founded in 2014, GreenTropism has established itself as a leader company in Artificial Intelligence applied to Spectroscopy, particularly through its involvement in topics regarding “Industry 4.0” strategies and deployment towards major groups in agri-food, cosmetics, petrochemistry and environment. Its expertise and innovation have already been recognized during international fairs and challenges. In 2019, GreenTropism won the “Industry of the Future” international grand prize awarded by ArianeGroup, Atos and SKF and appeared in the Top 10 of “Internet of Things” providers in Europe by CIO Applications. Once again, this year, despite a most peculiar first semester, GreenTropism joins the Top 10 of “Startups France 2020” by the StartupCity magazine thanks to its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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Since several years, spectroscopy is deployed as a control solution in industrial processes. However, the diversity of materials and systems, their complexity and constraints in deployment make it a challenge and hard to use for non-expert users. The specificities of spectral data and their typology also require a notable mathematics (chemometrics) understanding and development.

By combining spectroscopy and artificial intelligence tools, GreenTropism makes it possible to deploy non-destructive control solutions in industries. The main innovation of GreenTropism relies in its IA tool, allowing the automated conception and updates of models and algorithms, that can be embedded in mobile solutions such as miniaturized spectrometers, in order to analyze in real-time of materials. GreenTropism provides a complete software suite of embedded solutions for spectra analysis, database management and HMI.

By offering solutions allowing qualification of raw materials, transformation processes control or quality control, this technology allows a global optimization of production processes and a harmonization of quality controls throughout the production lines.

GreenTropism’s solutions are compatible with several spectral measurements technologies (UV, Vis, NIR, MIR, Raman, LIBS, etc.) to answer all needs on multiple markets (Agri-food, Pharmacy, Environment, Chemistry etc.).

“By creating robust algorithms for normalization and simulating spectrometers and AI, we can manage a fleet of spectrometers, and process and merge data under various formats” says Anthony Boulanger, CEO.