Chocolate and its related products are subject to several norms which make necessary control on the production line. To this end, samples are made at different stages of the transformation line, from the production and raw material reception until the finished product, samples submitted to a several tests, in an external laboratory or a manufacturing laboratory.

GreenTropism makes easy the entirety of the materiel control process and quality control.

By supporting producers and industrials throughout the transformation process with solutions combining Spectroscopy and Machine Learning. GreenTropism makes the rax material and finished product control easy by providing identification methods and composition control in real time, with no sample destruction.

About chocolate and products like spread, GreenTropism is sollicited to analyze rax materials including cacao powders and nuts, whole or crushed. The analysis continues throughout  every step of the process until the finished products. It is for instance possible to measure palm oil concentration in a spread and its content of glucids and lipids. It is also possible to complete the quality control with tools certifying compliancewith a standard level and aging effects on the product’s organoleptic stability.

GreenTropism also brings its expertise in Spectroscopy and Machine Learning to allow the optimization on the transformation process of chocolate in a reliable and non-destructive way. Through its mobile features, GreenTropism completes this offer with raw materials identification process and quality control tools.

Figure : Spectrums from different chocolate powders with peaks related to sugar, lipids and palm oil concentration (spectrometer : Antaris II Thermo Fisher)